Ascension of the Hunters: Book 3 of The Blood Magic Series

K. A. Young

Fantasy, Romance

Orion has silently sat in the shadows, watching the centuries go by as he built an underground society that has kept hunters safe. The hunters had to relinquish their freedom above ground in order to keep them safe, that is why many did not follow him. Their deaths were imminent.

Left to die in 1865 at the hands of Enos and Locaine, Orion was the first hybrid born of two hunters, solidifying the fact that their race could go on without the purebloods.

After discovering that his ranger, Enock, had his plans foiled in killing a pureblood with blood magic, Orion learns that her name is Evicka and she is the daughter of Locaine. He wonders how she possesses the trait of hunters.

He believes hunters and vampires can coexist, only once every last pure blood has been eliminated. Orion's goal; to speak with Evicka and learn everything he can about her. If they cannot come to terms, he has no problem killing the daughter of his enemy.

Can the hunters and vampires coexist?

Or will Orion raise the hunters from underground, taking back the Earth for the humans and killing Locaine for leaving him to die?

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