Beach Blossoms : The Flower Series : Book 4

Tani Hanes

New Adult, Romance

Baby Finn hs arrived, and Pete, Daisy, and their children are living the good life, enjoying the fruits of Pete’s labor as a musician and now an actor. They even have a dog, who found them in the middle of a snow storm. They are the quintessential American family, rolling through life together with love and humor. But specters that everyone thought had been laid to rest are back, along with new, awful events that put Daisy in the spotlight in a way no one ever wanted, especially Pete. Their misfortunes follow them from one side of the country to the other, as the family takes a trip to the West Coast to deal with everything, good and bad, that’s come up in their lives. Can they stay together, or will the past cleave them apart, into a fractured family?

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