Her Own Private Celebrity: A Standalone Romance

Tani Hanes


What would you do if you got to have lunch with your idol? 

Jane, a skinny, shy, plain seventeen year old, gets the chance to go with her beautiful friend Camilla when she wins a lunch with teen heartthrob Charlie McAllister, and a secret romance blossoms.

Charlie falls completely for Jane, despite her inexperience, and to her surprise he thinks she’s very beautiful and sexy, and he can’t keep his hands off her. From a romantic walk through Central Park for her first kiss, to "sexytimes" in a hotel room for Jane’s first sexual experience, everything about their whirlwind clandestine relationship is fun and intimate, with all the passion of first love.

And just when you think all will be smooth sailing for our young couple, something happens that threatens their relationship and sends Jane’s fragile sense of self-worth crashing to the ground. Can even Charlie, who loves her so much, save her, and their brand new relationship?

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