I Cried to Dream Again : UK Crush Series : Book 6

Tani Hanes

New Adult

Birdie’s life is nearly unrecognizable from what it was when she met the boys of UK Crush. What was once a fairy tale, a love story, a romance worthy of being a movie, has morphed into a nightmare, an unending stream of one trauma blending into another. Her dreams of being a concert pianist, a mother, even a happy person, have been crushed, possibly forever, by the appearance in her life of monsters she didn’t even realize existed in this world. And Teddy, and to a lesser degree the other boys, too, have to deal with the guilt of having brought these people into contact with her.Birdie has to wake up from the lovely dream which was her life up to this point and deal with the horrible humiliation and publicity of a trial, where even her most private life becomes fodder for the tabloids. The boys, too, have to see their beloved girl through new eyes, and see the real woman she is. Birdie and Teddy have to be strong in ways they never thought they would, and face reality, maybe for the first time ever, and move forward into it together.

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