Kitty's Witch: West Coast Witches Book 1

Roxie Harper

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

West Coast Witches part of the Sh!t Witches World.

"You taste like mine."

Serena is a witch.

Well, almost...

If it wasn't for her badly behaved familiar she might have already ascended to full witch and finally gained the approval of the Head of the Council - her mother.

But the damn cat doesn't seem to want to play ball and it's getting to the point that the local river and a bag of rocks are looking like a swell idea.

For a warrior witch, the fact that her own familiar won't reveal his war form is making her look severely stupid, and Serena has had just about enough of stupid.

Good thing she has a glitter-witch/pixie/unidentified species as a best friend who has her own dragon as a familiar...and Serena is not jealous.Not at all.

With help from a highly intoxicated Grandma and an overly affectionate naked guy, Serena and Hayley fight against Sod's Law to finally achieve more than the title of 'Faulty West Coast Witch.'

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