Meeting Mr. Mogul (Mr. Mogul Series Book 1)

Mel Ryle


“I’ve never been ignored in my life. You’re seriously testing my temper,” he said with his jaw clenched.
I sat there immobile, keeping my face as impassive as I could. “You were the one who started asking unnecessary questions.”

Unlike all the other girls in the city, Andy Peterson is not one to drool over guys like that popular bachelor, William Maxwell aka Mr Mogul, no matter how filthy rich, devilishly handsome, and irresistibly sexy he may be. She knows their ilk, and she's not going to fall for their tricks. She doesn't have time for it period.

But it seems that fate would have her make time for it, as Andy discovers she's actually working for the last person she'd ever want to work for—Mr. Mogul himself.

Packed with laugh-out-loud moments, vital life lessons, and relatable dilemmas, Meeting Mr. Mogul is a must-read for everyone of all ages.

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