Nanny For Two : New York Nanny Series : Book 1

Tani Hanes

New Adult, Romance

Martha “Mouse” Cameron has always felt she comes by her nickname honestly; she is quiet, shy, mousey in every way. But as soon as she meets Henry, she feels anything but mousey. Henry is the wealthy widower father of the boy she’s going to nanny for the summer in the heart of New York City, and sparks fly immediately as she feels things she’s never felt before. As her feelings for Leo, the little boy, grow, so too do her feelings for Henry, his father. Is it possible that Henry has feelings for her, too? Being a live in nanny puts her much closer to Henry than she’s comfortable being, and it does seem like he’s responding to her, too. But Henry has a girlfriend, and Mouse has an ex. And what would be best for Leo? None of these questions really seems to matter, though, when Mouse is getting to know Henry, and vice versa, better and better every day, when every glance and touch makes her tingle. How is she supposed to get through the summer and keep things under control, when she knows she’s falling in love with her young charge’s handsome father?

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