Oblivion: Nova I : Tales of Incipion

Melissa S. Vice

Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Aoife of Fairon detests her privileged life of royalty. Hiding among the commoners or locking herself away in her library of solace, she dreams of a ship that will take her away. Now, to be married to a man she has yet to meet, she will test the boundaries of her gilded cage. Depicted as destruction by the warring humans, the most revered and powerful nation has made an appearance in the midst of chaos, prepared to join the fray for domination. The crown that sits atop a King’s own. A mighty Conquer of terrible power. High General Griffith of Aueralia has eyes set upon the world. But first, he will take the hidden gem that stands before all. In the wake of war threatening to tear asunder the fragile peace Aoife can only pray to protect, will she side with all she has ever known, or venture further through the dark waves closing in?

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