RAVERS : Revelation Night 2 (The Revelation Night Book 2)

M. M. Ward

Dark Fantasy/Science Fiction

“We thought it was a hoax, a Halloween hoax… We didn’t know it was real until it was too late to save ourselves…” A hoax turned into a nightmare, the nightmare became her reality. After the Revelation Night, Quinn Shalom Phillips woke up a werewolf. Her human family was killed, and she was pregnant by her werewolf mate, Alpha Commander Jake Vanguard, who was one of those who went mad from the sweet-smelling snow. Only Quinn and a few others are looking for the truth behind the disaster blamed on her late husband Dr. Kenneth Troy Phillips. The last thing he said to her, still haunted her and her wolf, “Something went wrong, Quinn. Something with the program went very wrong, they tested it against my recommendation...” Everyone is looking for her, everyone wants her child, the heir of the American Werewolf Monarchy, but Shalom is living in the land of Ravers; the mutated, raving mad ones who are all that remain of the Werewolves of Monarch Mountain. To get to her and her son, they must go through the Ravers first. RAVERS is book two in the Revelation Night series, and the sequel to Revelation of A.S.H. (aggression suppression hormone)

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