Reasons Why

Mel Ryle


“I do not believe at love at first sight, or anything close to it. But ever since I met her, it just got stronger and stronger.” Multi-millionaire, Kyle Elliot, has just witnessed his wife’s infidelity.And to escape the darkness that is threatening to consume him, he leaves.

With the help of his best friend and secretary, Luke Bailey, he fakes his identity and moves to a place where no one will expect him to be.

He has decided to lay low and keep to himself until all the drama in his life dies down but fate intervenes and he crossed paths with the charming and interesting Lenna Michel.

With both at the peak of their worst, they find comfort and draw strength from each other to stand up against their past. The closer they become, a unique bond form between them, and they find the one thing they didn’t expect to find: Love.

But what if Lenna finds out Kyle’s true identity?

Will their bond be enough to let her stay?

After all, he is just a stranger.

A stranger who was there the moment she needed someone the most. A stranger who stood up for her. And a stranger who stole her heart.

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