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Revelation of A.S.H.: aggression suppression hormone (The Revelation Night Book 1)

M. M. Ward

Dark Fantasy/Science Fiction

"During one night, deranged nonhumans killed Quinn's family and two million others after Pro-Pure Human terrorist released a chemical weapon that turned all nonhuman males into weapons of mass murder. It was called the Revelation Night. Quinn Shalom Phillip's woke up in the hospital a week later as one of them. When asked about her story; ""We thought it was a hoax, we thought the 9-1-1 alerts were a Halloween hoax. Vampires, Werewolves, those weren't real things... We didn't know they were a real threat until after it had begun and then it was too late to save ourselves."" But THEY were real and the human government had hidden their existence, hidden that they agreed to the Revelation Plan almost a century before, leaving the majority of the public unaware and defenseless. Now, Quinn has to prove her husband's Aggression Suppression Hormone wasn't the cause and discover what the Human Purity Movement put in the snow that night. She has to stay alive long enough to find the truth and have the child of the one who changed her on the Revelation Night, Jacob Van Guard. Jake has to deal with his own horrors from the Revelation Night while helping the survivors. He was affected by the sweet smelling snow for six hours, he became the monster he always feared and hurt the one he had sought for a century, his mate, before he recovered. Both want the same thing and neither realizes they are pawns."

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