Ria's Mark: Guardians of the Path Book 2

Nicole DragonBeck

Fantasy, New Adult

Thousands of years ago: The First Guardian, along with his band of unlikely followers, creates the Amber Torch, a magycal artifact to shield Demona from unfriendly eyes. Now: Cedar Jal has returned to Demona and been reunited with his fellow Guardians of the Path. With their newfound companions - the princess, the Witch, and the assassin - the Guardians make for the Sister Cities to collect the pieces of the shattered Amber Torch. Pursued by a mysterious foe, they race against the clock to save Demona, while all around them the sands are a-shifting. Ria, the girl from another world, dreads the day she will be forced to return home. After meeting Llaem Bli, a Maker of Marks whose magyc reveals the truth of a person’s inner self, Ria comes to terms with what he shows her and decides to take matters into her own hands.

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