Royal Hearts : Enchanted Galaxy Series : Book 2

Ruth Ann Nordin

Fantasy Romance

Ann Kerwin has been the queen of Raz for a couple years, and everything is going along great. She still has much to learn, but she’s settled into a comfortable routine. Best of all, she’s happy with Hathor and their little girl. But in one instant, everything is taken from her when she’s forced back in time back to Earth. And worse, she doesn’t remember anything about Raz or her marriage to Hathor.

William Nichols has lived a life of regret for six years, and he’s going to make things right–for him. If he can get Ann back to the time in her past when she loved him, he knows he can secure the kingship on Raz and finally have the life of riches and prestige he deserves.

It’s up to Hathor to rescue Ann so he can keep their future intact. But in order to do that, he will need to make her fall in love with him all over again, and he’ll need to do it before an old enemy of Raz takes over Earth.

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