The Rogue Pureblood Vampire: Book 4 of the Blood Magic Series

K. A. Young

Fantasy, Romance 

Looked upon as evil, Maverick is forever tormented for stealing his mother's blood magic ability before he was born. Unable to even control whether he wanted it or not, his father, Lucca, blames him for this action.

Constantly being blamed for everything that goes wrong and without the proper guidance to develop the blood magic trait, he is sent to train with Orion.

With Orion, he learns not only how to control his blood magic but learn why the past should remain buried and dead. Brought back, tempers only escalate between Lucca and Maverick to the point he attempts to end his father's life.

Exiled from his coven, Killian takes him away via Evicka's orders, training him alongside his very talented daughter, Tamsin in secret. For years he spends with Tamsin, growing a very fond bond between them, it makes it harder when they are torn apart.

Through his hatred, he becomes the first rogue pureblood vampire and with it, the desire to look out for only himself. Death is on the horizon and Maverick at the helm, ready to take down anything that stands in his way, including a very attractive succubus.

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