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The Slave That I Am: Book 1 of The Blood Magic Series

K. A. Young

Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Hunters. A species forged between a pure blood vampire and a human. Turned against their creators for their sheer humanity, the hunters fight for those who cannot protect themselves, the sentinels of the humankind. Among those born to this species, a gifted trait, a rarity in its own rite: blood magic. What the vampires live for, turned into a magical weapon, blood magic is feared and cautioned by the vampire society. Annika Larson, a hunter born with the blood magic trait, is given the opportunity when she’s thirteen to observe what the hunters are responsible for. That night changes the course of her life, watching as her older sister, Alyssa, is killed for being bitten by a pureblood vampire. As Annika watches her sister’s existence flicker out, she defends her life with the use of her blood magic from another seeking to end it. After that night, Annika quits her training and moves to live with her grandparents, her blood magic but a distant memory as she lives her life among humans. That is, until her twenty-first birthday, when she’s faced with a demon from her past. Captured for what she is, it’s up to her to discover what she should have trained all those years ago for… …to end those who torment the weak. How can she save others when she can hardly fight for herself?

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