The Sorcerer: Guardians of the Path Book 6

Nicole DragonBeck


Secrets and alliances. Revelations and betrayal. In the grey, it's not easy to know who to trust...

In a land scarred by a terrible past and ruled under the shadow cast by the Sorcerer, the Guardians fight to escape his clutching hands before he sways Aethsiths to his cause.

The Maker reads the Mark of this world and grows more concerned with the fate of Demona.

The children of Ghor grope blindly for a way to resolve their differences and reclaim their home, and the Witches of Lii are fragmented, each with their own interpretation of the Way of Things.

And now, the heir to a lost crown, with help from Queens long dead, will learn the true identity of the Singer of the Grey Song...

...and how dangerous she really is.

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