The True Born Huntress: Book 9 of The Blood Magic Series

K. A. Young

Fantasy, Romance 

It is said that a true born hunter is to be feared above all else, sparking the initial hate between the vampires and the hunter race through Erebus' firstborn son Gage. Their strong desire to protect the human race often causes their actions to speak louder than words, trying to take back control for those who can do nothing for themselves.

With the world teetering on the edge of complete chaos between the supernatural races, a pureblood vampire has always claimed dominance and rule of this world since Locaine took the world for the vampires years ago. With a different day and age, can what the vampires once feared be the balance that the world seeks?

Are the vampire hunters really meant to be the balance between those seeking to live in peace?

Once entitled as the supernatural police after the treaty between the hunters and the vampires was formed, could the balance be restored through them entirely?

What secrets lie within a true born hunter?

The world holds its breath, waiting to see what Maverick's heir Mavis will become.

Will she become like Gage?

Will she reach her full potential and set the balance back into place before the bloodshed consumes the world?

Or, perhaps another way to seek peace is in the most unlikely places with the most unlikely alliances.

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