To Seduce a Mortal: Book 8 of The Blood Magic Series

K. A. Young

Fantasy, Romance 

Eris paid the ultimate price. Her unconditional love for Maverick set in motion her death and the reunion of Maverick and his family.

Maverick's actions, the brutal murder of the Luna Willow followed by the death of Alpha Declan of the Nightshade Pack, put a target on his back. These actions did not go unnoticed by the apparent Alpha King, wanting the death of Maverick as payment.

King Lucca of the vampires, refused to kill his son, the hate he once harbored toward him had diminished the moment Zak connected to Lucca's coven. With this refusal, the werewolves have declared war on the vampires, hunters choosing their sides while humans hid in fear once again.

With Eris' death, Maverick used every ounce of his control to look toward the future with optimism.

The demonologist coven leader, Rook has stated he can bring Eris back. The only way this is possible was for the fact Eris had given a fragment of her soul to Maverick, binding them together...forever.

With hope in his sights, the price of this dark magic is Eris' mortality along with death having claimed her memories.

Will she trust in Maverick?

Will she grow to understand him once again?

Or will she run in fear, as to how could a pureblood vampire ever be able to live a life with a human as his bite carries a death sentence in itself to the vast majority of humans?

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