To Seduce a Vampire: Book 6 of The Blood Magic Series

K. A. Young

Fantasy, Romance 

"Too bad the things that make you mad, are my favorite things."

Cunning and agile, Adrasteia descends from a long line of assassins, her position within her vampire coven is one she doesn't take lightly. In fact, she's only revealed herself to make a kill and then resumes to hide away in the shadows. Always watchful, it takes one time, one moment of her stepping out of the shadows and into the glimmer of the full moon, for the Incubus King to lay eyes on her.

Keegan's father, Bram was a tyrannical leader, who once ruled over the Dominion Plane, otherwise known as Hell.

After losing his would-be wife to a pureblood vampire, the incubi, succubi, and the many other demons turned on their king, killing Bram. It was in Keegan's best interest, to also turn on his father in a split-second decision that earned him the throne. Ruling with an iron fist, but much more personable than his father, he's had countless succubi, but none compare to the one he lost.

Will a vampire satisfy his insatiable desires?

Or will she kill him in order to return to her beloved?

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