Trapped in Eternity : Ages from Eternity : Book 2

Lora Douglas

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

“I don’t know how you died or why you are here. All I know is that you are one of few. Some call us special, I prefer cursed. You will see abilities begin to manifest. You can choose a side. You can train and fight or you can find a way to hide. Until Eternity calls you, you are stuck with us. Welcome to the Realm.” Ivory Sandoval, a twenty-two-year-old from San Antonio, finds herself trapped in an unimaginable place, with beings that shouldn’t exist, after her life was halted by a force she never saw. Now, she will do anything to get back to the ones she left behind. With the assignment in the Living World over, Calla and her Unit find themselves facing the consequences of their involvement. As the dust settles, some things simply don’t add up. There is another side at work, spinning a destructive web that could collapse all Calla has ever known. Caught among her own fears, the Elders’ warning and the Council’s demands, Calla must choose to run or find a way to protect those she holds dear from enemies that hide in plain sight.

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