Tuscan Blooms : The Flower Series : Book 3

Tani Hanes

New Adult, Romance

Rock star Pete Santangelo and his wife want to go on tour in Europe with their four little daughters—what could possibly go wrong? Pete and Daisy Santangelo are now parents to four lovely daughters, and Pete has settled into his life as a successful rock star and pop idol. Financial prosperity has found him, and the Santangelos live in luxury in a New York penthouse with Cina, their cat. Life is perfect, more or less. But this is Pete and Daisy, so of course fun, drama, sexy romance, and funny adventures with their girls manage to find them, first in Manhattan, then in Tuscany, at Pete’s family’s vineyard, and in the cities of Europe as Pete goes on his first major tour. There are family surprises, funny new words from the girls, and danger from an unexpected source as the Santangelos spend the summer in Florence, Paris, London, sightseeing, being together, and just living their crazy lives.

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