Walking Among Vampires

K. A. Young

Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

A vampiric twist of a tragic love story, Walking Among Vampires is a book about how the human race only resides within the pages of dusty history books. The genocide of this lost species took place over a thousand years ago. What were once billions of individuals, now very few roam the Earth. Unbeknownst to either species, an unlikely bond is formed. Intrigued with each other, a dangerous union forged in the heart of an immortal prince and a naive mortal is formed. Nova Sinclair is a human girl who has lived her whole life surviving with her parents in an underground bunker. Naive and full of child-like wonder, she stumbles upon the garden of the vampire prince Korbyn Blackmore. In the eyes of an immortal prince, he's never seen a living human being before as those he has seen, were dead in the castle of his parents. Intrigued with one another, their curiosity for each other's species becomes their ultimate downfall in a fight for survival and their heritage.

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