Fairest of Them All : Marriage by Fairytale : Book 4

Ruth Ann Nordin

Historical Romance

Sat Sep 07 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Evander Meyrick, the Duke of Sutherton, has lived the past thirteen years under a curse. He didn't know just how bad the curse was until every lady he's married died within a year of their wedding date. Now he has a step-daughter who is ready for her first Season, and he longs to give her a normal life, which is something he could never have. Since he's unable to leave the confines of his townhouse, he sends out a proposal to any available lady who'll marry him. In return for taking the risk of being his wife, he'll see to it that her family is financially secure.

After having three failed Seasons and learning her family is bankrupt, Miss Viola Keane takes the Duke of Sutherton up on his offer. Yes, it's strange that he requires her to only be in his presence when it's completely dark in the room, but she promises to abide by his rules. As she gets to know him, she grows more and more intrigued with him. Though he lives the life of a hermit in his attic, he's incredibly tender and sweet, and something about him stirs feelings in her that she never expected a spinster to have.

But this curse he believes he's under is keeping her from truly being his wife. In order to have the marriage she longs for, she might have to defy the curse by doing the one thing she's been forbidden to do: look at his face.