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Ashmi Sheth is an artist, 3D Animator, and an art therapy enthusiast based in Mumbai, India. Immensely passionate about the arts, Ashmi strongly believes in the therapeutic power of the arts to heal people and change lives. Her work – poetry, paintings, and digital artwork – reflect her belief and mission to provide people with a safe, unintimidating and empowering form of healing in their struggle towards mental wellness.

As a researcher, Ashmi’s topics of interests include Art psychotherapy and Neuroaesthetics (Psychology of Art). Formerly working as a digital artist in a gaming company since the age of 16, and as a Lead Artist since the age of 18, Ashmi is now the Co-founder and Managing Director of a creative production startup, The Colourful Grey.

Ashmi is a part of many organizations across the globe that support the cause of art therapy and raise awareness about the therapeutic benefits of art and art making, including the Indian International Institute for Art Therapy and Research (IiiART), Bengaluru, India.

Ashmi’s paintings and poetry have been published in a number of creative projects including her poem “just like a flower” in R. J. Hendrickson’s poetry collection – Bloom: Poems of loss, heartbreak, and new beginnings (Available in eBook & paperback formats) and her painting and poetry in the online exhibition “I am a Work of Art,” by the American Art Therapy Association (AATA).

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Silence Echoed
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silence echoed is a collection of poems from the mind of a young, passionate Piscean. It comprises of poems that aim to heal the wounded, motivate the depressed, and inspire the hopeless. Written by an artist who strongly believes in the therapeutic power of “art” – as a means of catharsis and inner healing; the poetries wish to instil the lost hope and feed strength to the otherwise wandering mind, struggling for mental peace and intellectual contentment.Get onto the path of healing, passing through the different boulevards on Life, Love, Humanity, The Power of a Woman, Being a Piscean, the ironic Gifts of Globalisation, and Mental Illness. This book is sure to enrich, empower and heal your mind, if it is one that is seeking to be heard – heard of the silences you’ve been suppressing all these years, now, and forever . . .