Brian White

Horror & Sci-Fi Author


This Southern California native served the United States Army for twenty years. Now, he serves his wife and children on a Missouri farm. None of that stops him from writing all the crazy things that come to mind.

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Death Doll

The Death Doll

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Didi was once the darling of the porn industry, baring it all for the world on the silver screen.
Then came the zombie apocalypse.
Two years later, she’s killing every flesh-eating corpse in her path to protect a group of unlikely survivors in northwest Iowa. Unfortunately, she hides a terrifying secret that threatens every life she defends. For nothing left on Earth that creeps or crawls is as lethal as The Death Doll.
Let the dead bury the dead.


The Death Doll: Exodus

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Determined to ferry her now homeless people across the country, Didi must endure their road trip anxieties, other survivors in need of aid, and more zombies trying to eat her charges.
To make matters worse, two deadly roadblocks in Colorado threaten to end her trip. One is a city run by the Gamesman, a sadistic warlord who delights in watching people suffer in his gladiator games. The other: the Mountain Men, an unspeakable terror with the power to steal her young and destroy all remaining life if unleashed.
As these perils converge, The Death Doll will face greater threats than she has ever known to defend her camp ... including her own demise!