Kirsty McManus

Romantic Comedy Author

Kirsty McManus was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to Queensland when she was 14. When she was 25, she lived in Japan for a year with her partner Kesh and worked as an English teacher. This was the inspiration behind her debut novel, Zen Queen. She also spent a year in Canada and then settled back down on the Sunshine Coast in 2008. She now writes almost full time, designs the occasional website and looks after her two little boys.

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90s Flashback Series

1996 (90s Flashback Series Book 1)

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When food blogger Anna Matthews takes a vitamin supplement that thrusts her back in time to 1996—and into her sixteen year old body—she is naturally a little shocked. But after a hasty re-assimilation, she decides to take advantage of this amazing second chance to view her teenage years from a more mature perspective.

But with the effectiveness of each dose only lasting twelve hours, and any new actions initiated in the past having no effect on the future, Anna wonders whether taking it again would serve any purpose.

Of course, curiosity gets the better of her, and she soon becomes addicted to travelling back in time to relive what she originally believed to be some of her best memories.

Knowing that her husband grew up in the same area—and with him unwilling to talk about the past—Anna decides to track him down in 1996. But an unexpected discovery forces her to make a heartbreaking decision that will change both her and her husband’s future forever.


1997 (90s Flashback Series Book 2)

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Anna Matthews is moving on. After a tumultuous year where her life took an unexpected turn, she is now looking to the future with the help of a few old friends.

Everything gets off to a great start with Anna and her high school friend Kelsey planning a new business together. And along with the emotional support of her sister Amy and acquaintances Rachel and Jackson, Anna’s life is almost back to normal.

However, a bizarre night out with Rachel leaves Anna craving the company of a certain charismatic sales assistant she met in 1996. But when she unpacks the box she thought contained the time-travelling compound that can take her back to him, it is nowhere to be found.

Will Anna be able to track down the missing jar? Or will she finally have to accept a future without someone who means so much to her?

Standalone Romantic Comedy


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AFTER LAUREN HUNTER is let go from a job she didn’t even like, she flies to Sydney to stay with her brother and re-assess her life.

That’s when she stumbles upon NBS Studios, the filming location of her favourite reality show, MultiDate. As a self-proclaimed superfan, Lauren has watched every episode of the six years (and counting) series, and is an expert on all things related to the show.

So when the opportunity to scheme her way into a job at the studio’s reception desk arises, she grabs it with both hands. And thanks to a previous chance encounter with the studio head, Lauren begins to climb the corporate ladder on her favourite show.

But with a bitchy executive producer thwarting her every step of the way, and two men giving mixed signals, the journey to the top isn’t easy. And with the discovery that MultiDate isn’t exactly what it pretends to be to the viewing public, Lauren soon begins to wonder if anyone ever ends up with the life they dreamt of.



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When Isla Greenwood discovers a nude photo of herself online, she immediately knows her ex-boyfriend is to blame. Worried that her family and work colleagues will discover its existence, she withdraws from everyone and turns to food to suppress her emotions.

Twenty-five kilos later, Isla has hit rock bottom and realises she needs the help of her fitness model cousin, Grace, to help get her back on track. But when Grace is injured, Isla finds she lacks the skills and motivation to continue her fitness regime on her own.

Fortunately, another saviour arrives in the form of Wes, a cute local personal trainer who convinces Isla to check out his gym.

Before long, Isla is rocking her new lifestyle and on the road to getting her old self back. But nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, and she soon finds herself battling a whole new set of challenges, including a rival at a competing gym, an increasingly stressful job, and her deepening feelings for an unpredictable Wes.

Will Isla ever resolve the chaos in her life and come out the other end healthy, happy and sane?

She sure hopes so.


Perfume Therapy

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Chloe Beech is all set for a two-week holiday in Thailand with her sister Mia. Sure, she’s leaving behind an office that doesn’t seem to be able to run without her, and Mia has invited a bunch of her narcissistic friends along to join them, but a holiday is a holiday, right?

Wrong. Pickpocketed on her first night and separated from everyone, Chloe soon finds herself stranded in the back streets of Bangkok. Fortunately, her saviour arrives in the form of charismatic perfumer Daniel Richards, whose Scottish accent and amiable nature immediately put her at ease.

With Daniel’s help, Chloe is soon back on the metaphorical horse. But with several more unfortunate events befalling her over the following days, she is forced to rely on Daniel again and again to help bail her out.

Throw in a jealous absentee boyfriend, a wild neighbour with the propensity to meddle, and a strangely aggressive staff member at Daniel’s perfumery, and Chloe finds herself on the trip of a lifetime. It’s not quite the one she was expecting, but it might just be the shake-up she needs.


Zen Queen

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Jess Harper’s personal life is a mess.

She hasn’t had a haircut in years and she doesn’t have time to find better friends than the self-centred associates she’s had since University.

And instead of searching for love, she’s settled for ‘friends with benefits’ status with one of her buddies. Yet none of that matters, because professionally she’s living the dream, and has just scored a highly coveted assignment in Japan with the promise of a promotion on her return.

But when she arrives in Japan, instead of the smooth integration she anticipated, Jess finds herself wrongfully fired, abandoned and broke in a country where she doesn’t speak the language.

Now she must rebuild her life and clear her name. But the friendly locals and allure of the ex-pat lifestyle soon have her reconsidering her priorities and challenging her views on climbing the corporate ladder. With a new job as an English teacher and the temptation of her cute (but already attached) roommate, Jess discovers that although life doesn't always turn out as planned, maybe that's not such a bad thing.


Saved by the Celebutante

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When Chrissie Lambert discovers an earth-shattering secret about her husband Corey, she wonders if life will ever be the same again. At thirty-five, Chrissie had been ready to start a family, but now she must put her dreams on hold.

In order to cope, Chrissie throws herself into her job as publicist to Kahlua, a celebutante famous for having triplets with a volatile actor. Yet with Corey acting increasingly erratic, Chrissie’s personal life starts to interfere with her career.

After a potentially fatal mistake involving a movie audition, Chrissie heads off to track down director Peter Carson at a festival in the middle of the Nevada desert.

There, she must battle the elements, navigate through a minefield of colorful characters and avoid falling for the mysterious Matt, who seems to have issues of his own.

Will Chrissie be able to save Kahlua’s career – and find her own happily ever after?