Lora Douglas

Author of Fantasy Novels


Lora Douglas is the author of Ages from Eternity and Trapped in Eternity. While her current series embraces the fantastic and super human, she also dabbles in horror. After living in the mountains and down by the ocean, Lora currently makes her home in Texas with her husband and a Calico, who identifies as a dog most days. She loves to travel, judge movies and whisky has recently taken up running, much to the bewilderment of others. 

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Ages From Eternity Series

Ages From Eternity

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After years of relentless warfare, with her moral compass on the verge of collapse, Calla, a Guardian within the Realm, is thrown into an assignment that threatens to push her to a breaking point. If intuition and nightmares hold any truth, she is about to embark on her most difficult assignment yet.


Trapped in Eternity

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Ivory Sandoval, a twenty-two-year-old from San Antonio, finds herself trapped in an unimaginable place, with beings that shouldn’t exist, after her life was halted by a force she never saw. Now, she will do anything to get back to the ones she left behind.