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M.M. Ward

Contemporary Fiction and Contemporary Sci-fi/Fantasy fusion Author

A post-stroke mom who writes as part of my recovery.  The stories on my PenumbraMine accounts are my more serious scribbles when I am not writing fantasy with my minionettes. The PenumbraMine stories here are ALL for a more mature audience, a walk between shadow and light.

Reality turned to fiction as a coping mechanism. Some are my own, some belong to others. Some will overcome, others will succumb. It is the way of the world, and for some, the happiest outcome is simply an ending.

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The Revelation Night Series

Revelation of A.S.H.: aggression suppression hormone


(The Revelation Night Book 1)

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"During one night, deranged nonhumans killed Quinn's family and two million others after Pro-Pure Human terrorist released a chemical weapon that turned all nonhuman males into weapons of mass murder. It was called the Revelation Night. Quinn Shalom Phillip's woke up in the hospital a week later as one of them. When asked about her story;

""We thought it was a hoax, we thought the 9-1-1 alerts were a Halloween hoax. Vampires, Werewolves, those weren't real things... We didn't know they were a real threat until after it had begun and then it was too late to save ourselves.""


RAVERS : Revelation Night 2


(The Revelation Night )

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After the Revelation Night, Quinn Shalom Phillips woke up a werewolf. Her human family was killed, and she was pregnant by her werewolf mate, Alpha Commander Jake Vanguard, who was one of those who went mad from the sweet-smelling snow. Only Quinn and a few others are looking for the truth behind the disaster blamed on her late husband Dr. Kenneth Troy Phillips.

The last thing he said to her, still haunted her and her wolf, “Something went wrong, Quinn. Something with the program went very wrong, they tested it against my recommendation...”