Nicole DragonBeck

Fantasy Author

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Nicole was born in California one snowy summer long ago, the illegitimate offspring of an elf and a troll. At a young age her powers exploded and she was banished to the wilderness of South Africa because her spells kept going inexplicably awry.


There she was raised by a tribe of pygmy Dragons and had tremendous adventures, including defeating a terrible Fire-Demon that had been tormenting a sect of Dwarf priests. In gratitude they taught her the arcane magic of writing and the rest is horribly misinterpreted history. She reads as much as she writes, is obsessed with dragons and Italians, enjoys cooking, listening to music and can often be heard fiddling on a keyboard or guitar.


She currently lives in Clearwater, Florida, is a member of The Ink Slingers Guild and is working on several novels, all of which have at least one mention of a dragon. She lists friends, music and life among her greatest influences.

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Guardians of the Path

First Magyc

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An ancient Prophecy. A girl with a mysterious power. Will she save magyc, or destroy it? If a door suddenly appeared in your apartment building, would you open it? Ria - a perfectly normal twelve year old girl - is hesitant to do so, but the ethereal song spilling from behind the door persuades her to help the Guardian who is trapped behind the door and between worlds. She discovers a land of magyc and music which feels strangely familiar, and gets entangled in the Guardians' search for the missing pieces of the Amber Torch. This tale starts with Ria, but it's up to all those who keep the Path - Guardians, Witches, assassins, and even Death Himself - to save magyc. Can they find a way to work together and change the fate of their world before it's too late? For fans of the Lord of the Rings, The Forgotten Realms, The Shannara Chronices, Earthsea, and Uprooted.


Ria's Mark

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Thousands of years ago: The First Guardian, along with his band of unlikely followers, creates the Amber Torch, a magycal artifact to shield Demona from unfriendly eyes. Now: Cedar Jal has returned to Demona and been reunited with his fellow Guardians of the Path. With their newfound companions - the princess, the Witch, and the assassin - the Guardians make for the Sister Cities to collect the pieces of the shattered Amber Torch. Pursued by a mysterious foe, they race against the clock to save Demona, while all around them the sands are a-shifting. Ria, the girl from another world, dreads the day she will be forced to return home. After meeting Llaem Bli, a Maker of Marks whose magyc reveals the truth of a person’s inner self, Ria comes to terms with what he shows her and decides to take matters into her own hands.



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Book Three in the Guardians of the Path epic fantasy saga! In the Desert: One man is caught in the middle of an ancient struggle. What he loses, and what he gains, will make him a legend. In Demona: Torn between two worlds, and with the aid of a goblin Witch, Ria must learn and accept the Way of Things. In the Crescent Temple: The Guardians continue their quest to salvage the Amber Torch through ever more complex tangles of past and present, hindered by vague omens. When their course stalls, forcing the Guardians and their allies to split paths, they witness something that sets them back thousands of years, and makes them question everything they have done, and everything they believe in. For sometimes, it is the Demons inside oneself that are the larger enemy.


The Other World

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Haunted by Riddles and Dreams Here: In Demona, the Guardians go to the Dale, a place of old magyc locked away in the past, hoping to find the Man of Tongues, a sorcerer of myth who they believe may have the power to send them across worlds. They get more than they bargain for, learn more than they ask for, and in the end, they must make a terrible choice: Aethsiths, or Ria? There: In the Other World, Maria Westerfield’s past comes back to haunt her when one of her friends is murdered and a mysterious symbol she never thought she’d see again appears written in his blood. The Girl Who Came Back must figure out what to do before everyone she loves is destroyed by the things she thought only existed in dreams. Everywhere: All those who wield magyc are drawn together to battle Demons, Wardens, and their own dark secrets to keep the Placer of Pieces and his Men in White from extinguishing the light of life called the Path. Assassins, Witches, princesses, Makers of Marks and even Death Himself all attempt to divert the fate of this world, but everything hangs on the choice of one girl in… …The Other World.



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Nyica, the home of the Coven of White and Black: The appearance of Cedar Rün throws V'Ronica’s world into turmoil and challenges everything she knows. How will she find the conviction to follow him down a path from which she can never turn back?

The Wasteland, a place scared by a terrible past: The Guardians and Aethsiths find themselves forced to trust a stranger to lead them home to Demona, while Ria struggles to come to terms with the power she has accepted yet not fully embraced.

Demona, a land overrun by demons and dark deeds: the Maker continues to recruit his army, Witches make alliances with priests and rangers in the name of the Way of Things, and all those who stand with the Guardians do everything they can to avert the impending darkness.