Tammy Lewis

Romance Author

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Hey there! I’m indie romance author, Tammy Lewis, based in Wales, UK. I have a passion for creating stories all about that little thing called... love...


With just a dash of mystery, drama and suspense for good measure. I would love to share my words with you. So, if romance and mystery is your genre of choice, please go check out my latest release, Honey.


Thanks in advance. From one hopeless romantic, to another!

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Standalone Romance


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By day Domini lives the perfect, independent life. Some may say, she has it all. A successful business woman, at a high end modelling agency. Residing in a grand penthouse apartment, overlooking the heart of the city. Though by night, Domini is transformed into her alternate persona, Honey. Who has one mission and one mission only. Seduce, conquer and serve... That's until the day comes, when she unexpectedly meets someone, during a tricky situation, who single-handedly turns her entire world upside down.... What will Honey do? Remain the strong confident woman, that she has grown to be. Or be taken in by the charms of the tall, dark and handsome, suave businessman? Who has Honey locked, firmly in his sights.

'Til Death Do Us Apart

‘Til Death Do Us Part 1: Alice

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From the outside looking in, Alice has the perfect life. The perfect house, a flashy car and a very successful and devoted husband. What more could she possibly want or need? Despite all of this, Alice is desolate, treading forbidden ground, finding solace in the presence of another. Though behind those solemn eyes lies a secret, that if revealed, would change their lives forever. With thoughts of embarking on a new life, creating a catastrophic chain of events. That in turn would release demons, from a past that she'd hoped had all been forgotten and left far behind.


‘Til Death Do Us Part 2: Tayce

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After risking everything, Alice finds herself lost and all alone. Left distraught by the resurrection of her demons, that she had thought, had long been abandoned, imprisoned in another time. Finding a great new strength, from deep down inside of her. A strength that she undoubtedly, never even knew that she had. With only one motion, moving forward, on the beaten track, facing the wrath of her demons. Laying everything on the line, to fight and finally conquer them, once and for all......


‘Til Death Do Us Part 3: Rey

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The third and final piece of the 'Til Death Do Us Part puzzle. On this journey of life, no matter who we are, or who we strive to be. Everyone deserves a happy ending. But will Alice finally get hers? Or will the torment from the demons of her past, prevent her from having the life, that she didn't even know that she wanted. Or that she had ever contemplated, could possibly exist... Proving, that when fate finally takes hold, no matter what, whatever is meant to be, will always find its way...